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Roll-Up Tonneaus

Bak Roll-X Tonneau Cover
BAK Roll-X Tonneau Cover  -  Roll-Up Tonneaus

  • Aluminum slat construction
  • 400lbs even distributed weight capacity
  • Installs with ease using basic tools
  • Rubber seals around the bed keep the water out
  • Rolls up and secured with straps

Gator SR2 Truck Bed Cover
Gator SR2 Roll Up Tonneau Cover  -  Roll-Up Tonneaus

  • Front element seal included for 360° weather resistance
  • Aerodynamic Design with a rounded tail rail
  • Simple Installation takes less than 30 minutes
  • Adjustable tension control
  • 5 Year Warranty

Ionic Roll Up Tonneau Cover
Ionic Roll Up Tonneau Cover  -  Roll-Up Tonneaus

  • Vinyl Roll Up w/ Velcro Rails
  • Low Profile, sits only 1/2" tall
  • Weather seals on all 4 sides of the bed
  • Double coated, commercial grade, reinforced vinyl tarp
  • 3 year limited warranty

Ionic SE Tonneau Cover
Ionic SE Tonneau Cover  -  Roll-Up Tonneaus

  • Vinyl Roll Up w/ Velcro Rails
  • High Capacity Cover, sits 1.5" tall
  • Weather seals on all 4 sides of the bed
  • Stainless Steel Tie Down Hoops on every Clamp
  • Lifetime Warranty

Access Lorado Truck Bed Cover
Access Lorado Tonneau Cover  -  Roll-Up Tonneaus

  • Simple install takes 30 minutes total
  • Low profile, sits 1 inch above bed rails
  • Total security with a locking tailgate
  • Easy to use with tension dial adjuster
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Access TonnoSport Truck Bed Cover
Access TonnoSport Tonneau Cover  -  Roll-Up Tonneaus

  • Low profile cover sits only 1/2 inch above bed rails
  • Roll up cover for a snap cover price
  • Unaccessible bed with the tailgate closed
  • Installation takes 15 minutes to complete
  • 3 year warranty

Access LiteRider Truck Bed Cover
Access LiteRider Tonneau Cover  -  Roll-Up Tonneaus

  • Built strong with commercial grade vinyl
  • Easy installation, no drilling required
  • Total security with a locking tailgate
  • Roll the cover up for full bed access
  • 5 year warranty

Access Original Truck Bed Cover
Access Original Tonneau Cover  -  Roll-Up Tonneaus

  • Simple install takes 30 minutes total, no drilling
  • Advanced weather protection and durability
  • Total security with a locking tailgate
  • Easy access, the covers rolls up all the way in seconds
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Extang Revolution Truck Bed Cover
Extang Revolution Truck Bed Cover  -  Roll-Up Tonneaus

  • All weather design with no snaps
  • Ultra low profile, flush fit
  • Multi-directional tension keeps cover smooth
  • Easy installation, no drilling - no damage
  • Lifetime Warranty

Extang Tuff Tonno Cover
Extang Tuff Tonno Tonneau Cover  -  Roll-Up Tonneaus

  • Click out tail rail allows intant removal
  • MonsterBows are super strong and easily removed
  • Roll-up and secure your tarp with straps
  • Bow height adjustment
  • 10 year warranty

Access Limited Truck Bed Cover
Access Limited Tonneau Cover  -  Roll-Up Tonneaus

  • No drilling required, installs with basic tools
  • Roll up the cover for full bed access
  • Autolatch system provides security for your cargo
  • Strong and durable construction
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Access Tool Box Truck Bed Cover
Access Toolbox Truck Bed Cover  -  Roll-Up Tonneaus

  • Have the best of both worlds with a toolbox tonneau
  • Installs with just a single tool in no time
  • Unaccessible bed with the tailgate closed
  • Fits most standard 20"-21" toolboxes
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Advantage Sure Fit Truck Bed Cover
Advantage Sure-Fit Truck Bed Cover  -  Roll-Up Tonneaus

  • Vehicle specific for a "Sure Fit"
  • Vinyl top
  • Adjustable bows for tension control
  • Easy installation, no drilling required.
  • Limited lifetime warranty

Access Vanish Bed Cover
Access Vanish Tonneau Cover  -  Roll-Up Tonneaus

  • Lowest profile cover available from Access
  • Installation can be done in minutes, no drilling
  • Complete bed access when rolled up
  • No access to truck bed with tailgate closed
  • 3 year warranty

Extang Blackmax Truck Bed Cover
Extang BlackMax Truck Bed Cover  -  Roll-Up Tonneaus

  • Solid black frame for quality style
  • Snaps on all 4 sides on truck bed
  • No drill installation takes no time
  • Fiberglass reinforced nylon snaps
  • 10 year warranty.

Extang Classic Platinum Truck Bed Cover
Extang Classic Platinum Truck Bed Cover  -  Roll-Up Tonneaus

  • Premium metal component used
  • 4 way adjustable tarp for all weather
  • No drill installation, no damage
  • One-handed tail rail quick release
  • 10 year warranty.

Extang Express Tonno Cover
Extang Express Tonno Truck Bed Cover  -  Roll-Up Tonneaus

  • Pre-drilled side rails for clamp on install
  • Low profile clamps stya hidden
  • Quick release lever at the tail and cab
  • Over the rail, aerodynamic design
  • Lifetime Warranty

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